Zebra Fuel is the new way
to fuel your car.
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Hand holding a phone with Zebra Fuel App open

Fuel delivery service

Place an order through our app, and our fully certified delivery team will be
round to fill your car. It’s that simple.


Place your order.

Place your order through the Zebra Fuel app, let us know where your car is and when you’d like us to fill it up.

Leave your cap open.

We can’t fill your tank if we can’t reach it! Please make sure you leave your cap open so we can top up your fuel.

Forget about it!

That’s all! With Zebra Fuel you’ll never have to worry about filling up again. Just let us know the details, and we’ll take care of everything.

“Zebra Fuel is fantastic! Easy to use, competitive prices, and I’ll never have to worry about fuel again!”

John - Apps Weekly


Our delivery team is fully trained and certified. All of our drivers go through comprehensive training, ensuring they can deliver the best service for you.

Competitive rates! Our prices are extremely competitive, on-par or cheaper than petrol stations.

Fast delivery. Replace a drive to the petrol station with a click on your phone, and schedule your delivery in advance, so you never have to worry.

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