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on your business fuel costs

Join London’s businesses that are saving vital driver hours and money. Get fuel exactly when you need it, while improving efficiency

Save wages

Save Money

Visiting the petrol station is a hidden cost and an easy opportunity to save money. It takes over 770 driver hours a year for a fleet of 15 vehicles to fill up twice a week

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Save Time

Your drivers could visit more customers or spend more time on the road instead of filling up. Set your own fuel delivery schedule. We deliver when it’s best for you, including mornings, evenings and weekends

Save time

Save Hassle

Get a simple weekly fuel report, dedicated account manager and a single invoice - no filing receipts! Say goodbye to lost, stolen and abused fuel cards along with tying your drivers to a particular petrol station chain

Call Zebra Fuel on 020 8050 1281 020 8050 1281

Zebra Fleet Portal

Say hello to your new forecourt! Order, view invoices and access support all in one place

One-stop Accounting

Easy accounting - see all of your transactions in one place. View and download all receipts past and present


Premium users can benefit from remote GPS telematics, enabling you to keep track of your vehicles and fuel usage

Advance Ordering

Lock in low prices - pay todays price even if it increases tomorrow! Order up to a week in advance or as soon as an hour ahead

Human Support

Contact your dedicated account manager who knows your business. Whether it’s help with orders or a report - we provide unparalleled 24hr support

Order Fuel for your entire fleet in less than 1 minute

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Why pay your drivers to stop for fuel?